Welcome to the Prairie Fire Lady Choir, a Twin Cities vocal group.

We are a choir open to all levels of musical skill, and to all stripes of Ladies. You can be a shower-singer, a child opera prodigy, or anywhere in between. As long as you want to sing in a group with a bunch of self-identified women, you are welcome in the PFLC!

This choir is the brainchild of Jacquie Fuller and Molly Balcom Raleigh. We encourage choir members to contribute their talents and to take risks learning new skills. If you have an idea for costumes, shows we can play, song arrangements or you want to write music for the choir to sing, we are excited to bring your ideas to the group.

The music we sing is a mixture of original songs and covers of pop songs arranged for singers with tenor voices up to high soprano. We are amateurs but we benefit from the expertise of arrangers, writers and others who lend their vision and knowledge to our project.

We’re nearing the end of our second season, during which we performed at a wide variety of events and venues, including the Walker Art Center, the Northern Spark festival, Amsterdam Bar & Hall, Triple Rock, the Co-Kisser Poetry and Film Festival, and aboard the Jonathan Paddleford as part of the Mississippi River Revue. We were also honored to sing the National Anthem at games for both the Saint Paul Saints and the Minnesota Lynx!

Your support will help PFLC with the costs for our end of season concert as well as pay for rehearsal space for our 2013 season.


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